About Youth Unlimited

Youth Unlimited has been making a difference in the lives of youth since the early 1940s. Today, we’re an innovative organization affiliated with a network of Youth Unlimited and YFC youth workers all around the world. Keep on reading to learn more about why we’re committed to reaching youth in Greater Vancouver.



Integrity   Trust    Faith    Love    Peace



    Connecting Youth. Transforming Lives.

    We see the hope and potential in every young person we meet and reach through community specific programs. We’re committed to extending Christ’s love to youth who otherwise are falling through the cracks in Greater Vancouver. Our purpose is to see these young lives transformed through relationships. It all starts with connection, the moment when a young person meets a Youth Unlimited youth worker who will be there for them for the long haul.

    Motivated by our faith, we believe that transformed youth have the opportunity to transform communities, our country, and the world. We engage and equip youth to know and follow Jesus.

    Helping the future generation

    Today’s youth face a myriad of challenges preventing them from living life to the fullest. Challenges like unstable home lives, systemic vulnerability, addiction, mental illness, poverty and even a rapidly changing technological landscape make the social, psychological and cognitive challenges of adolescence all the more difficult to navigate. Yet, we see the potential within each young person we meet. We are confident that with enough of the right support, they can overcome all of the challenges that life throws their way.

    A Rich History

    Youth Unlimited has a rich history, beginning in North America during World War II when crowds of young people gathered to experience God’s transformative love. Then, it was known as Youth for Christ (YFC) with the late Billy Graham as our very first youth worker in the United States. The transformation that started at those early gatherings has only gained momentum over the last 70+ years. Today, Youth Unlimited (known internationally as YFC) is a network of youth outreach programs all around the world.

    Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited is a chartered member of Youth for Christ Canada, an international, non-denominational Christian ministry who, for over 75 years, has passionately engaged young people to live their full life potential as designed by God. Today, we have front line youth workers across Greater Vancouver based in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, East Vancouver, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, North Vancouver, Richmond and Surrey.